Our Story

Quirky Lane Copenhagen 

Welcome to our world!

Quirky Lane is an independent vintage boutique, located in the heart of Copenhagen. 


“We are committed to listening, learning, and trying to make a difference in fighting back against over consumption and trend-based buying.”

Eimear O’Herlihy, founder 


From a modest stall at Roskilde Festival to a charming little boutique located in the heart of beautiful Copenhagen, Quirky Lane has always been about community, about YOU. We have always worked hard to try and find the most unique pieces, to enable you to express yourself, and we would not be here without your support.

While today, at Quirky Lane, you will only find exclusive Vintage treasures, sustainable brands and upcycled pieces, we openly admit that things weren’t always so green.

Since the opening of our shop in 2013 we have always carried Vintage pieces, carefully selected by our founder Eimear all the way from Japan, but we also used to stock new items, and support the fast-fashion industry. Our focus shifted in 2018, after visiting an International trade fair for sustainable fashion, at which point we made the decision to transition over to second-hand, upcycled and sustainable fashion exclusively.

We firmly believe that it is more than ever time to rethink our way consuming, and put an end to the destructive impact of fashion, be it environmental or ethical. We are rooted in a circular economy and uphold locality over globality, when you buy from Quirky Lane, you support two Copenhagen-based families, and the local economy of our beloved city!

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainable fashion and help reduce clothing waste, we have implemented a ‘swap rail’ in our boutique where, for two days of the week, anyone is welcome to drop by and swap a piece of clothing for another, sending it on with love to its next home, while at the same time finding a little gem for themselves. We hope that you will come and give it a try!

We also try to hold intimate workshops and talks in-store to educate and share knowledge on sustainable fashion and lifestyle practices, where anyone is encouraged to come and learn with us, as soon as the pandemic is over.

We believe that fashion can be ethical, eco-friendly and fun at the same time!

With love, Quirky Lane